Staff Augmentation Services-Benefits and Drawbacks!

Staff augmentation is considered a flexible outsourcing model which eases you off with the hiring of tech professionals. With staff augmentation services, you are facilitated with managing your augmented team directly. You can hire them and expand your augmented team as per your requirements.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation services come with many advantages, which is why these are becoming popular among many business owners. When it comes to the IT, Software industries, such services are applauded.

01. Total Control

With staff augmentation services, you get control over the development strategy because you manage developers. Any tech lead can control each detail of the project and you can also pick the project management tool for time-tracking. Hence, you can stay relaxed about the security of your project.

02. Great Flexibility

Using staff augmentation services, you can easily scale up or cut down the augmented team of professionals. If required, you can easily recruit more industry experts for faster project development. It also offers you the flexibility to decrease the number of developers in your team when you do not require them.

03. Flawless Integration

In such a model, you get to hire developers with the specific skillset and required knowledge, it is easy to integrate them. The professionals hired through staff augmentation services can easily get along with the company’s workflow because of their specialized skills and project-oriented acumen.

04. Cost Cutting

This is one of the most interesting benefits of choosing staff augmentation services. You can easily cut the cost and reduce expenses as compared to recruitment in-house developers. Depending on the location, you can get the best talent at lower rates.

Drawbacks of Staff Augmentation Services

No matter how many benefits staff augmentation services offer, there are always few drawbacks. However, these drawbacks are less as compared to the benefits it offers. Let’s have a look.

01. Training Requirement

Despite the developer’s skill set and industry knowledge, they require initial training to understand the company’s workflow. However, the adaptation period may differ, based on the complexity of the project and joining process. 

02. Added Responsibilities

Well, this does not exactly come with staff augmentation services but somehow it is related to hiring. The simple point is that the more employees in the organization, the more responsibility on the management. So, they have to manage industry experts and make the environment comfortable for them.

03. Onboarding Talent

There is no doubt about the fact using staff augmentation services may save your time and effort. But when it comes to onboarding the hired professionals, it may require some level of involvement. So, you cannot overlook the responsibilities associated with onboarding the talent to your firm.

04. Lack of Knowledge

No matter whether you hire an expert but some projects need to have in-depth historical knowledge, which newly hired developers may not have. In such scenarios, they need to rely on an existing employee to get the required project done.

05. Higher Long-term Cost

When using staff augmentation services, the placement firm gets charges and the professionals are also paid. Over time, the contractors may cost you higher than the permanent staff, thus increasing the overall labor cost in the long run.

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Why Do Companies Prefer Staff Augmentation Services?

Staff augmentation is an extremely effective outsourcing service that helps software companies to hire developers on a contract basis. With the help of the developers, a company can achieve its business goals without extra expenses related to hiring.

Staff augmentation services are very popular these days due to the competitive marketplace. Companies prefer to recruit industry specialists, and such services meet their demands. The method proves to be a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

Let us look at the advantages that staff augmentation services bring along.

1. Bridging the Gap

These services act as a bridge between both parties where skilled people are available for projects and companies do not wish to invest in hiring a permanent employee. It brings great flexibility to the organizations to have experts in their team who are best suited for a specific project.

2. Finding the Right Talent

IT and Software industries have ongoing projects which require a particular skill set. With staff augmentation services, they can get the job done with the right professional for every single project. Thus, it paves the way for project success and, in turn, helps organizations to meet their business objectives.

3. Greater Access to Talents

If any organization wants to leverage the best professional available around, permanent hiring limits its ability to do so. However, staff augmentation services facilitate short-term recruitment that enables companies to access a larger talent pool. As the recruits are domain-specific, it ensures having a new approach to the project.

4. Saving the Hiring Cost

Cost-saving serves as the primary goal of many companies when it comes to hiring, and that is exactly where staff augmentation services can be of great help. It also facilitates hiring a candidate from an outside country, enabling you to get the right professional for your project at a minimal cost. Further, it also reduces the training cost of newly hired talent.

5. Expansion of Business

Aspiring software companies look forward to scaling up their business operations to gain more profits. Lack of capital becomes a hindrance in expanding the business. Staff augmentation services enable them to extend their team and business without investing in a permanent workforce.

6. Operational Efficiency

Initially, small businesses have to bear a huge operational cost with fewer returns. By offering flexible working platforms, staff augmentation services help businesses. They are given a choice to recruit remote developers if required. Besides reducing infrastructural costs, these services can also cut the operation cost and make it more efficient.

7. Consistent Upgrading 

Having a permanent workforce means limiting the knowledge because it is based on what your team possesses. Hiring by using staff augmentation services, you get a fresh outlook and an entirely different approach towards your project. It further assists you in implementing new ideas to invite more business growth.

8. Better Control

While companies leverage talents by using staff augmentation services, they can still have control over the project. The services ensure that an external agency outsources the employees. Thus, companies have full freedom to manage the project with total control.

9. Dealing with Market Conditions

Staff augmentation services are also helpful for companies when it comes to adapting to market fluctuation. The services empower firms with great responsiveness, enabling them to meet the upcoming demands using a project-centric team of professionals.

10. Expertise to Handle

Many new companies may lack in having the expertise to handle all the demands. During such a scenario, firms require to augment the current team with new best-suited talents. Staff augmentation services meet the need to augment their software development team.

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All That You Need to Learn About Mobile App Development!

In today’s competitive world, having a mobile app is mandatory for any growing business. Be it any business size, it is important to utilize mobile app development to serve your business requirements. Mobile app development is based on creating software, which is meant to run on mobile devices. It is optimized to avail of the unique features of the products. Developers can create different mobile apps, including hybrid apps, native apps, and HTML5 apps. 

The increasing popularity of smartphones has mandated mobile app development. The development of mobile applications finds its roots in the traditional style of software development. As an outcome, the software is intended to make the most of the hardware of compact devices like mobile and tablets.

Mobile App Development Considerations

There are few considerations that developers come across while creating a mobile app. Performance is the prime concern for any such application. To ensure that, mobile app development professionals must design the code, particularly for the hardware on a specific device. When it comes to creating an app for iOS devices, it proves easy because developers require versions of the app for the iPad and iPhone to get universal usability. However, the scenario is different for Android devices, requiring varying versions of the operating system.

Advantages of Custom Mobile App for Business 

There is no doubt that mobile app development can have a positive impact on your business growth. Here is a list of the best advantages of having a mobile application.

Improved Business Efficiency

Mobile apps are business apps, which are custom-developed considering your business requirements. Thus, it serves as a comprehensive app undertaking different tasks and thus, neutralize the need to have multiple apps for mobile app development. Besides, such apps are customized to suit your working style, enhancing productivity and, ultimately, your business ROI.

Security of App Data

Usual business apps are not equipped with specialized security features, threatening your business data. However, a custom app is really helpful for your business because it contributes to reinforcing the data security system. This security measure of mobile app development is taken care of keeping in mind your business demands.

Easy to Utilize

With mobile app development custom apps, it is easy to get complete control of your business with the help of a custom app. Besides, you do not need to risk yourself under the control of any stranger. Another benefit of building your custom business app is its easy usage, which means you can easily operate your business on the go as well.

Better Customer Relationship

Mobile app development enables you to send personalized updates to your existing customers in real-time. They can stay updated with your products and services all the time. Further, it also helps you access the client details and get their feedback. It can be utilized to improve customer relationships.

Utilization of Features

Modern smartphones are well-equipped with features like GPS, gyroscopic sensors, Bluetooth, and Cameras. It makes them perfect for virtual or augmented reality as well as for barcode scanning. This way, mobile app development apps enable the utilization of the entire range of smartphone features, and consumers prefer to detach themselves from desktops and rather use mobile devices.

In addition to that, developers can observe users interacting with your mobile app and add more features that work well for your business.

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