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Hire dedicated resources from India with crox staff augmentation services and add professionalism that assures visible efficiencies for your business operations. Crox Technology is a trusted name in the field of web design, mobile app development, staff augmentation services, and specializations in services like SEO, SMO, SMM, ORM, and graphics designing. You can bank upon our capabilities and experience and hire experts to accomplish your projects speedily. With guaranteed front-line expertise with our staff augmentation services, you pay only for a limited period thus reducing the grand costs of hiring and maintaining permanent HR in-house! Our staff augmentation services provide staffs that quickly understand and add value to your project.

We provide high quality and experienced professionals

All the professionals are certified as per the standard requirements of industry and are qualified from the top institutes of the world. Besides, we ensure high quality through regular training of our professionals so that they never lag behind in terms of tech adaptation in the ever dynamic fields of World Wide Web and market.

1. What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is observed as a flexible outsourcing program that facilitates companies to hire tech professionals worldwide. It enables a firm to manage the augmented team. Staff augmentation helps companies hiring the candidates that are best fit for project demands. It comes with the flexibility to extend or cut the augmented staff as per business requirements. Start-ups and growing businesses alike prefer the staff augmentation model.

2. Why companies leverage staff augmentation?

Every big and small business needs skill resources to achieve business goals. Companies leverage staff augmentation because of its multiple advantages. It enables them to get industry experts from any location of the world. The resource they get also fits in their budget due to different geography. It saves companies from operational costs and additional headaches associated with providing infrastructure and employee benefits. Besides, it serves as a cost-effective option.

3. Types of staff augmentation.

Different types of staff augmentation include commodity, skill-based, and highly skilled. Commodity includes workers to undertake a job with no special skillset. It involves working in a factory, warehouse, events, or retail. Skill-based skills require a few important skills like typing, using a computer, or multi-lingual ability to perform transcription, data processing, or clerical jobs. Highly skilled requires advanced skills to work on a specific project like software engineering or designing a brand.

4. Types of staff augmentation services.

There are different types of staff augmentation services available like traditional staffing, master vendor, and specialized staffing & consulting. Besides, it includes Gig platforms facilitating access to independent contractors, and companies can avail themselves as per their project requirements. Direct independent and on-demand staff augmentation further serves companies’ varied demands, which is why staff augmentation is being popular with the business of all sizes.

5. How to choose the right staff augmentation model?

It is very important to figure out your staff requirements before saying yes to a staff augmentation model. Verifying your staffing vendor’s experience and expertise in the industry will help you find a partner capable of serving your needs. Go for the one with a global market presence to access the best talents. Understand the communication protocols and their commitment to security to collaborate with the right staffing agency.

6. Considerations and misunderstandings about staff augmentation.

Staff augmentation is often misunderstood, and people still have an unclear perception of it. Companies often mix it with technical support, which it is not. It is helpful in cost-saving, but that is not considered seriously due to lack of understanding. Few individuals think that staff augmentation does not come with long-term benefits, while others find it hard to manage staff augmentation teams because it is a new concept.

7. Pros & cons of staff augmentation.

Staff augmentation comes with great benefits, including expertise, flexibility, and seamless team integration. With such a model, you get industry specialists to work on a project with great flexibility and smooth integration to the team. However, training, dependency, and management overhead are a few disadvantages that it brings along. The augmented staff needs initial training and depends on internal process, and management has to deal with his onboarding responsibilities.

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Crox Technology offers staff augmentation services in the following niches

Website design & development

Hire dedicated website developer for your web design and development requirements. We offer specialized professionals who bear in depth knowledge and expertise in various technologies.


Hire dedicated SEO resource to boost visibility and traffic on your websites. Our SEO experts are capable to do any type of SEO work. Our SEO work insures objective results in definite timeline!

Social Media Marketer

Leverage the social wave through web social campaigns to optimize branding and sales. Hire dedicated social media marketer to improve your worth and competitive value in market!

Online Reputation Management

We offer ORM experts who will make your brand an impressive one in the competitors’ domain. They undertake targeted interventions to contain the negative buzz and add value to your business.

Graphics Designer

Hire qualified graphics designer from Crox Technology for UI/UX designing, logo design, brochures, corporate magazines and marketing banners at cheaper rates.

Content Writer

We also provide professional content writers for your website, content marketing, SEO and other specialized demands.

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